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Dermatology at Harney District Hospital

Dr. Oliver Wisco, DO, is available for dermatology appointments one to two days a month at Harney District Hospital.

As a dermatologist, Dr. Wisco provides comprehensive skin care for patients of all ages. He has advanced training in Mohs Surgery (a procedure used to remove skin cancer in a specialized way that minimizes the amount of tissue removed and decreases scarring) and in caring for patients with melanoma. While he is a skin cancer specialist, he also takes care of patients with the full spectrum of dermatologic conditions.

Mohs Surgery

Mohs surgery, also known as Mohs micrographic surgery, is a precise surgical technique used to treat skin cancer. Usually performed as an outpatient procedure using a local anesthetic, it involves thin layers of cancerous skin tissue being progressively removed and examined until only cancer-free tissue remains. The goal of the surgery is to remove as much of the cancer as possible, while minimizing damage to the healthy skin tissue surrounding it.

Dr. Oliver Wisco, D.O.

Call 541-573-2074 to make an appointment.